An idea fueled by compassion, United Rescues of Kentucky, Inc. was created in the summer of 2006. Its founder and president, Cheryl Higdon, had been doing regular animal transports across the Commonwealth since moving back to Kentucky from North Carolina. One thing she quickly observed was the majority of rescues in Kentucky had no communication with each other; there was no way to easily assist each other. The second thing she observed was that many of the county shelters, or pounds, were not 'rescue friendly'.

After discussing her concerns with a fellow rescuer/transporter Roberta Harding, and realizing how it would be beneficial to all (especially the animals) if rescues and shelters knew each other, the two decided to form a coalition of rescue groups in Kentucky.

The first meeting was held in Lexington KY at Roberta's home. Although the meeting was small everyone there was enthusiastic about the idea of a combined effort, and so United Rescues of Kentucky, Inc was born (and quickly grew!). Since that first meeting the group has built to more than 250 in number, has incorporated as a Kentucky non profit, and has its IRS 501(c)3 status pending.

Our mission, though large, is very clear. "To save shelter, abandoned, neglected and abused animals. To educate the public to the necessity of spaying and neutering pets. And, to help our fellow rescuers."

We do this as rescuers through trust, integrity and cooperation between rescues and shelters. We want to recognize and promote well established reputable rescues to county shelters. We also lend a helping, supportive hand in whatever areas are needed to our fellow rescuers, be it help with a medical emergency, or simply a shoulder to cry on. We know that when we combine our efforts and use the knowledge, data, and resources of multiple groups, we will ultimately save more animals from dire situations or from needless death.

United Rescues of KY, Inc. has short and long term goals:

  1. We hope to raise funds to buy a cargo van/s to continue the transports for shelter animal from rural shelters to safe places. The UR_KY transports that have run almost every weekend for the past six months have saved over 1000 shelter animals from euthanasia.
  2. To work with school children and youth groups in educating them that animals are to be loved and protected; in teaching them responsibility and compassion. (UR_KY for kids is in the development process now.)
  3. To establish a database of reputable, safe rescues; a data base that shelters and other rescues can depend on to give them the needed information to help save animals.
  4. We also hope to eventually offer a mobile spay/neuter clinic. We're only a little over a year old. We are like that small acorn that one day will be a mighty oak.

Help us help the unwanted, abused, abandoned and neglected animals of Kentucky. If you can sponsor a shelter animal to get into a safe rescue, please help. It takes money to transport and vet animals. Your sponsorship will insure that animal will be safely transported to wonderful rescues. Please donate to the van or crate fund. Owning our transport van will greatly reduce the costs of a transport, and will allow us to take the animals when they need to go; not just when a cargo van is available for rental. Donating a crate will help give an animal a safe way to travel during transport. Donate to help the rescues under our umbrella with emergency vetting costs, food or supplies. Donations can be made via PayPal ( or by check at the address below. Please, when making a donation on PayPal, or by check, let us know where to designate the funds. On PayPal, that can be done by opening the ‘comments’ section and giving us a short note.

Cheryl Higdon
United Rescues of Kentucky

To donate on-line:

If you prefer not to donate on-line,
please make payment to United Rescues of Kentucky and mail your donations to:

UR_KY Transport Fund

1555 E. New Circle Rd

Suite 142-220

Lexington, KY  40509


Thank You!